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How To Get Rid Of Xerostomia?

Symptoms Of Xerostomia A medical condition or disease that affects the salivary glands may be the cause of dry mouth. The medical treatment will focus on increasing the saliva flow and addressing any associated issues. In addition to regular visits to the dentist, you may be prescribed a daily fluoride mouthwash or rinse. To treat …

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Xerostomia And Caries

What Is Xerostomia Or Dry Mouth? Xerostomia is the medical term for reduced saliva flow. Reduced saliva flow might lead to caries. What Is Caries? Caries, also known as cavity or tooth decay, is one of the most common diseases worldwide. It occurs when the sweet sticky substance we know as “sugar” binds to our …

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Xerostomia Relief Spray

Xerostomia Relief Spray Xerostomia is the medical term for dry mouth. In this condition, your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. It’s a problem for many people who suffer because it can cause dental problems such as tooth decay and cavities, gum disease, waking up with dry mouth, and bad breath. Dry Mouth Symptoms: • Dry …

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