Xerostomia Relief Spray

Xerostomia Relief Spray

Xerostomia is the medical term for dry mouth. In this condition, your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. It’s a problem for many people who suffer because it can cause dental problems such as tooth decay and cavities, gum disease, waking up with dry mouth, and bad breath.

Dry Mouth Symptoms:

• Dry Mouth

dry mouth is the most common symptom – it makes it easier to get tooth decay and increases the risk of oral infections, such as thrush

• Difficulty Swallowing –

This occurs because saliva is required to lubricate your food for easy ingestion.

• Sore Throat –

A dry mouth can cause a sore throat. When you have a sore throat, it’s harder to swallow.

• Increase In Denture Problems –

Patients who have xerostomia can experience more problems with their dentures because of how dry the mouth becomes

• Coughing –

This is another symptom of xerostomia. When your throat feels scratchy, it’s easier to cough.

What Causes Xerostomia?

The biggest cause of xerostomia is medication. Many medications can cause xerostomia, including the following:

• Anti-depressants 

• Antihistamines 

• Diuretics or water pills 

• Chemotherapy drugs 

• Low thyroid hormones

There are other causes for this condition as well, such as :

  • Diabetes
  • Sjogren’s syndrome

These are the autoimmune diseases that affect the glands in your body that produce saliva and tears.

3M Xerostomia Relief Spray: DrymouthPro

The brand name of Xerostomia Relief spray is DrymouthPro, which is often patients get in prescription by dental doctors. It comes in a convenient little bottle of 2 10ml spray vials. You use it as an oral rinse before bedtime or whenever you want a nice cool, fresh feeling in your mouth after you eat.

How does DrymouthPro Works?

Xerostomia relief dry mouth spray is a new oral lubricant solution that relieves pain for up to four hours by stimulating your salivary glands and alleviating dry mouth or xerostomia symptoms.

DrymouthPro is a specially formulated solution that has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce the effects of dry mouth.
  • Protect against tooth decay.

It does this by adding natural, refreshing moisture back into your mouth each time you use it.

The DrymouthPro contains a lipid-based formulation. DrymouthPro goes onto the affected areas, which causes a numbing effect similar to a facial wash. After four hours, the liquid evaporates and leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh. However, since it only provides temporary relief to the symptoms, it isn’t a long-term solution.

Xerostomia Relief Spray: 100% Organic

DrymouthPro is the only FDA-approved, drinking water-based product clinically proven to relieve dry mouth symptoms with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. There is no need to drink gallons of water a day; take a few sprays of DrymouthPro, and you’ll have fresh saliva in your mouth again.

How To Use 3m Dry Mouth Spray?

Just spray it in your mouth after you eat or whenever you need a little moisture. For more information, ask your doctor or dentist. This product provides temporary relief of dry mouth symptoms caused by medication.

Benefits Of Drymouthpro:

  •  Reduces the effects of dryness
  •  Protects against tooth decay
  •  Helps maintain dental health
  •  Pleasant tasting solution for daily use

Doctors usually prescribe mild oral rinses that provide relief, such as a soft capsule filled with sodium fluoride and sodium saccharin and xerostomia relief spray. Another medication called fluorouracil is sometimes used to treat xerostomia. This discreet spray vial requires no rinsing or mixing. The 3m xerostomia relief spray utilizes a lipid-based oxygenated glycerol triester (OGT) system. Although dentists don’t recommend using dental products to prevent the alleviation of xerostomia, the risk of side effects to the patient is minimal, and the results may not be long-lasting.

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3 M Xerostomia Relief Spray Price:

3M Dry Mouth Spray are the lubricants that You can purchase at most pharmacies or online. Xerostomia Relief Dry mouth Spray costs an average of $442.99, but a discount reduces the price to $7.22.

The solution in the jar consists of glycerol triesters, which form a barrier around the mouth membranes. The sprays range in price from $442 to $8.99 and can be reduced to $6.

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